Monday, February 07, 2005

Never believe me...

when I say I will probably post something tomorrow. Because chances are, I won't. I just took pictures of the handspun yarn this morning. The more I look at it, I think the two yarns are spun too differently to work together. The camel color is a definite thick/thin yarn and the green (which has mohair in it) is more a thick spun yarn. So I guess I have to swatch to find out if they work together. I don't think this yarn is going to work for the Faroese shawl, though.

Last Thursday was the second knitting group at the library. I picked my mother up and brought her along. The first lady I taught to knit last week was back and was knitting a fuzzy scarf out of her Fun Fur and a worsted weight yarn. She had forgotten how to cast on so someone else showed her and she got about 4 inches done. And her knitting is nice and consistent. The second lady never came back. Oh well. I tried asking how to purl continental but since I hadn't tried knitting continental yet, my questions weren't specific enough. I'm going to have to try it and ask again if I don't get it. Donna, Carol and Sue came and Donna brought Diann along. There were some of the same people with a couple of the originals missing and a couple new ones added. It made for a nice fun group. A much better experience than last time.

I frogged the Starlights scarf. The pattern wasn't working and I didn't like it. Now I'm thinking of combining it with some mohair and some novelty yarns and trying a lengthwise scarf that self fringes. I'm going to have to pick up some novelty yarns to use. I have the mohair but should get some ribbon yarn, too. I have some Noro Kureyon that I was thinking of using but I don't know if the colors will go. I'm posting a picture of the swatch.

Our wine and cheese tasting party was a big success. There were 15 people here (including Scott and I) and everyone brought a different kind of wine to taste. We bought some unusual cheeses and had some great desserts. A lot of fun!

We picked out a couch and a chair and a half for the living room. It's LaZ Boy and had to be ordered so it'll be 4-6 weeks before we get it. That's okay since we have to repaint the living room, replace the french doors, and revarnish the hardwood floor first. We need to keep our eyes open for another chair, too. This will keep us busy for a while.

Well, we have a full day planned. The old french doors have to go to the store so they can match up where to put the hardware on the new doors, the dog has a vet's appointment, we have to attend a wake for our next door neighbor (the one on the other side died this fall), and Scott has a pastor search meeting tonight. I don't really have any cleaning since I cleaned all week for the party but Scott wants to continue cleaning out the cellar. And I do have laundry. So I need to go get take my shower after I post my pictures.


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