Sunday, February 20, 2005

New things going on, I hope.

I bought a book called "Creating a Web Page with HTML" by Elizabeth Castro. I want to add some punch to this page and have no idea how to do it. This books says it will help me make a great Web page without getting "bogged down in the details". Let's hope it's true. I don't know when the changes will take place but I hope they are soon. Depends on how quickly my brain wraps around the whole HTML thing.

I guess I've jumped on the "Stitch 'N Bitch" bandwagon. I got the book out of the library and like some of the projects. I started the Alien Scarf for Alek. If you look at my picture, you can actually see the first alien starting to emerge. Pretty darn cool! And easy, too.

I didn't use the digital camera for this picture, I used the Lexmark printer/scanner/copier I now have. The Epson printer that came free with my Dell finally died. Lasted fairly long for a cheapy printer. The Lexmark printer/scanner/copier/fax that we had at the shop died a few weeks ago and was replaced by the p/s/c that now resides here at home. The amount of printing we do at the shop was more than the printer cartridge could handle. So we got a laser printer for the shop and the Lexmark came home with me. I like having a copier and scanner here at the house. This printer is a little longer and wider than the Epson so I moved it off the library table the computer sits on and set in on a little table of its own. This little table is only about 18" high which means that the dog is eye level with it. She loves it when I print something because she can watch the paper come out. First couple of times, she growled at it. One of these times, I expect her to take it out of the printer and eat the copy.

The library is holding a copy of "Stitch 'N Bitch Nation" for me right now. I didn't get down there before 3 p.m. yesterday and now it's closed on Monday for President's Day so it will be Tuesday before I can take it out. Good thing I have plenty of projects to keep me busy.

Yesterday Sue and I were in Barnes and Noble and I bought a copy of Piecework magazine. There were a couple of really interesting articles on vintage clothing in it. And a pattern for a Fan and Feather shawl that I'd like to try. I also bought Better Homes and Gardens book "Hip Knits". Sue has the book and likes it and it was 40% off so I got it. There are a few patterns in it I'd like to try. I was a little disappointed that they included crochet patterns and didn't let you know on the cover. Don't get me wrong. Crochet is fine and I have crocheted many things but when I buy a book of knitting patterns, I want just knitting patterns! Or at least tell me that some of the patterns I quickly skimmed by are crocheted and not knit.

Time to go do some constructive things, I guess. Personal tax stuff has to be pulled together, a little shoveling is left in the driveway, laundry is always hanging around waiting to be done. Or, I could always work on the alien scarf, the baby sweater, a couple of second socks, start a shawl...


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