Sunday, January 09, 2005


Yeah! I had Alek help me transfer pictures from the digital camera onto the computer. And then I figured out how to post them here and to some of my yahoo groups. I only posted the one picture here for now. But now that I know I can do it, look out!

The scarf is one I made for Scott's 21 year old niece, Megan. I made it out of Skacel Gatto which is a very soft eyelash and Skacel Poker which is a neat mix of ribbon and unspun. The scarf was incredibly soft to work with and she loved it. I just put a little garter stitch border on the ends and knit it in stockingette stitch. It was a pricey little scarf, though. I made it a little wide and it took 2 skeins of the Gatto at $4.95 each and 2 1/2 skeins of the Poker at $8.95 each. So it was about $30.00 to make. I bought both yarns at Indigo Yarns. I think it came out nice.

I hope to be posting more pics in the next couple of days.


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