Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm learning...

I will eventually get better at this blog/html thing. This morning I thought I'd clear out some things in photobucket that I wasn't using. Well, in my infinite wisdom, I deleted the pictures of the buttons I'd added to my blog. Then I spent most of the ride to Oswego reading HTML 4 for Dummies to see why the buttons didn't show up in my blog anymore. I came home and fiddled around a little more with the html code and all of a sudden the answer popped into my head - put the pictures back in photobucket! And then Alek told me that I have to have something for the code to link to. Makes much more sense now. Every time I try something new, I learn lots!

After I stopped reading in the truck, I worked some on the baby blanket. And I worked on it on the way home. It's an hour and 40 minute ride one way so I made some progress. It's now 10 1/2" long. Obviously, I didn't work on it the entire time.

I was going to take some pictures of Lake Ontario while we were at the college (State University of New York at Oswego) but the wind was blowing quite hard and it was snowing quite a bit so I didn't walk to the lake. Maybe when we take Alek back on Sunday, I'll get some pictures. It's really cool looking in the winter because the lake freezes near the shore and the waves farther out come crashing over the ice chunks. Since this is one of the Great Lakes, these waves are as large as ocean waves. Really beautiful but really cold!

No pictures today. I don't have anything new to share right now. And not much to report on the knitting front since I'm only working on the baby blanket. Oh, one good thing - Alek likes the hat I made a couple weeks ago. It's the beanie one in tan and black. I'll make some more and he can keep them or hand them out to his friends.

I should head for bed. I have to go into work tomorrow and see if I can get the bookwork caught up for the accountant. I'm still learning my way around Quick Books so I'm not finished with 2004 yet. So it's off to work on a Saturday. Reminds me of when I worked in an accounting office and had to work every Saturday from January until April 15th. I certainly don't miss those days.


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