Monday, February 28, 2005

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I guess the nor'easter is on it's way. The good news is that we aren't supposed to get the 6-10" that they were first predicting. The bad news is that we're still supposed to get 4-6" of that cold white stuff. I'm getting really tired of snow.

Today's picture is a scan of the baby blanket I decided to do for the baby shower. It's from Leisure Arts #3109, "Quick Knit Keepsakes". I'm doing it in Caron One Pound acrylic in azure blue. I was going to use WoolEase in a light blue but was afraid the baby might have wool allergies so I went with acrylic. I like how easy the pattern is to memorize. The number of beginning and ending stitches varies but the basic stitch is yo, ssk, knit 4. Each knit row moves the yo over one stitch so the pattern is on a diagonal. Now I just hope I can get it done by 3/19. I'm also going to make a pair of baby booties to go with the helmet.

Speaking of baby booties, I did go to the LYS Saturday and bought another copy of the Sirdar pattern I like. I never found the orginal one I had but it'll turn up. I don't mind having two copies as I tend to misplace patterns I use a lot. I also bought more of the Cascade 220 that I'm using on the alien scarf. I don't know if I'll need it but I'd rather have too much than too little. And I can make a hat to go with the scarf. She only had one skein of the light green left so I snatched it up. And I picked up two skeins of Patons Astra in varigated crayon colors to make a newborn sweater if I have time. I probably won't have time but I can always make it another time.

Saturday I took pictures of the outdoor fireplace as before storm pics and tomorrow I'll take pictures again to show how much snow we actually get. So stay tuned...


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