Sunday, April 17, 2005


We are being invaded by ants! We started seeing a few black ants a couple of weeks ago so we had our friendly exterminator come in and check things out. (This kid is a friend of my brother's and I used to babysit for him and his siblings.) He said they were carpenter ants (which we figured since we've had them before) and he put out some ant bait, squirted liquid bait in the cracks and crevices and sprayed all around the foundation of the house. Well, it seems to be working but all the dead and dying ants are all over the house! We no sooner clean them all up and they're back. I hope they all die off soon. I'm tired of picking up ants.

I'm in a semi knitting slump. I haven't stopped knitting but I'm not excited about anything that I am knitting. I'm still working on the first patterned sock (updated picture posted) but it's slow going. In an effort to finish some of the multitude of UFO's I have accumulated, I dug out a baby sweater I started for one of Scott's grand nieces when she was a baby. She's almost 4! It's a zip down the back hooded sweater worked from the top down. I've made this pattern before and like it. This picture shows it just before I divided for the sleeves. Now I'm about an inch past the sleeves. It's made from worsted weight on size 9 needles so it shouldn't take me too long to finish. I also have another dishcloth started from the same pattern as the yellow one. The patten can be found on the Lion Brand site ( .

My last picture is of one of the patches of daffodils that have bloomed in the past week. I love daffodils - they're so cheery. And they're one of the few flowers that the deer and rabbits don't eat! The yard really needs cleaning up but we're trying to get the dang living room done! It's all painted and now the floors need a light sanding before they get a couple coats of varnish. And I need to finish making curtains. Scott is going to sand them today and hopefully get the varnish on. Now we have to figure out how to keep the ants out of the wet varnish!

Time to get ready for church. Till next time...


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Eeek! I know what your going through! When I was growing up we had a serious carpenter ant problem at my house! They kept coming back every year & we'd be constantly cleaning up their carcasses! bleeck!

I feel for you!!



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