Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Home for an evening

Ahhh! There's nothing on the calendar for tonight. I think I'll catch up on laundry, e-mail and blogs. I haven't really read anyone's blog in a while.

We went to Alek's track meet at Hamilton College yesterday. Why do NY schools insist on having spring outdoor sports? They have to start in March or April and it's just plain cold out there. The wind was blowing at the track meet and it was chilly! The poor kids waiting to participate in their events didn't take off their sweats until the last minute. Alek ran in three races but we missed the first one. We waited around outside and watched the second one then I sat in the truck with the dog until the third one. He did pretty well. Nothing outstanding but not bad, either. Then we came home and I immediately left for craft group at Diann's.

Even though I was half an hour late, I was the first one there. Everyone else was running late, too. Carolyn had a high school track meet, Sue was late getting out of work, Carol rode with Sue and Donna didn't even make it. She was on her way home from Texas! Once everyone got there, we had a nice time. I worked on my Regia sock.

That seems to be the only thing I work on lately. I think I'm in a rut. I'd like to start something new but I'm not going to until I finish a few of the UFO's hanging around here. The sock is a UFO so that's what I'm working on. I'm on the foot so it's pretty mindless knitting which is another reason I'm working on it. And I do like how it's coming out. So I'll keep going with it and then, hopefully, finish the second one. I'd love to wear a pair of socks that I made! I took a picture yesterday morning that I'll post. I think it shows the sock with 2" done on the foot. I now have 4" done.

I also am posting a picture of the dishcloth I made on Saturday. It's not a full size one because I was using leftover skeins and I ran out of that particular colorway. But it's big enough to wash dishes. I like that pattern and will have to do another one. I started a different patterned dishcloth but don't like the seed stitch border so I'll probably rip it out and use this pattern again.

My poor Knit Red KAL! I ripped out the diagonal scarf that I thought I was going to love. I think I had made a mistake in the first 16 rows so off the needles it went. I have to take my time and find a pattern I really want to make in red yarn. The KAL goes until 12/31/05 so I guess I have time to look for a pattern.

That's all for tonight. I'll post the pictures and then I need to start dinner. Au revoir!


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