Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ahhh, much better!

I really wasn't fond of the pink blog template I was using. I have no idea what possessed me to pick pink. I am not a pink person. Now the green, I like. Calm and soothing.

I have to go on a mini rant right now. Can someone please inform the news media that most people don't give a rat's a** about Martha Stewart and what she's doing every minute of every day!! And could that same person notify the Knit List that they are making spectacles of themselves by obsessing over Martha wearing a hand crocheted poncho when she walked out of the prison gates. And now Lion Brand is trying to come up with a pattern for this poncho. HELLO! People! Ponchos have been the fad for the last year and a half! And every single pattern imaginable has been written for them. Lion Brand has offered probably 20 different patterns all by themselves. What the HELL difference does it make what the pattern is for the one she wore??!!! Get a fricking grip!!!

Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I am continuously annoyed by the way the news media slants the information they receive and incessantly reports the same thing from 16 different views when one accurate report would suffice. Enough said - I'm done now.

I have been a little bit of a knitting slacker that past day or so. Yesterday I didn't even pick up the needles. I'm trying to finish the gray and black knit hat for Alek's friend, Kurt. I'm not going to send it to Alek, though. It'll never get there in time for him to take to California. I'll mail it directly to Kurt. I just have to do the last few decrease rounds, weave in the ends and it'll be ready to go.

The baby blanket that I have to have done by March 19th is now at 12". The last time I reported on the length, it was at 10 1/2". That's not very good. I guess I need to do only the blanket for the next week. I don't like working on only one project at a time. Even if I'm enjoying it, I still get bored with it.

And I'm trying to decide what to do about the Alien Scarf. Alek liked the idea but said he wouldn't wear it. The colors weren't what he would wear. So, do I finish it and see if someone else wants it or do I just bind off now and have one cool alien to pull out when I want to show someone what illusion knitting looks like? Actually, I bet if I finished it, Alek's friend, Steve, would wear it. And he'd wear one of the knit hats made in the black yarn with spring green stripes to match. I think that's what I'll do. It would be a shame to just leave it only partly done.

I guess it's time for me to stop fooling around on the computer and take up my knitting. Neither the hat nor the blanket will ever be finished if I continue to blather on here. Adieu...


At 9:44 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I am SO with you on the Martha thing . . . nothing she does impacts my life in the least. I have that attitude in general towards all celebrities, though.

At 9:56 PM, Blogger Kitt said...

I agree completely about M. Stewart. I couldn't tell you a thing she has written, suggested or said other than....I'm innocent!


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