Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Poor baby dog...

Poor Isabella. She's our 2 year old miniature schnauzer. Last month she had a bladder infection and was on two rounds of antibiotics. We thought that took care of it but yesterday there was blood in her urine again. Scott called the vet today and I dropped her off on my way to work so they could sedate her, x-ray her bladder, and take a urine sample. The vet called to say that she had two large bladder stones and needed surgery to remove them. He did it this afternoon. I'm happy to say she's doing well. He stopped by on his way home and gave me one of the stones. Oh yeah, just what I wanted. The other one they send out to be analyzed so we can change her diet and prevent this from happening again. He said she had gone outside to pee and was a little cranky but was doing well. Hopefully we can bring her home tomorrow. Then we have the fun job of keeping her quiet for two weeks. Good thing she's not an especially rambunctious dog.

Well, I got all the ends woven in on the crocheted ripple afghan. Once I wash it, it'll be ready for charity. I have about 2 3/4" done on the hat to match the knitted sweater and booties. I'm hoping I can finish up this set and mail things out on Monday.

I'm not sure what I'll pick up to work on after these things are done. I could start another baby sweater. Or I might start Elizabeth Zimmermann's Katmandu Hat that is being done as a mini KAL on the Knit Baby Surprise group. I think they are going to do another Baby Surprise Jacket KAL, too. I never finished the first one I started last November. This would be a nice opportunity to make something else for charity.

Michelle said that she thought she had the Precious Layettes book and wanted to make one after looking at mine. I say go for it, Michelle. They are quite quick to make and the variations are endless.

Well, it's bedtime. I did get this posted before the end of the day, though.


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