Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summer's here...

It has been really hazy, hot and humid the past week or so. I don't ever remember having the air conditioning on in June before. Mainly because I hate a/c and don't turn it on until it's absolutely unbearable. And it has been. The flower gardens aren't going to have any flowers left for the rest of the summer because they are blooming and dying so fast from the heat. The heat is supposed to break tonight and the temps should be in the upper 60's for the rest of the week. Fine by me!

Lots has happened since I wrote last but I'm not going to try and post it all. I'll just hit the high spots - we moved Alek to Oswego and Ariane graduated from the University of Rochester with her MBA in marketing. She was offered a full time job with the company she interned with and is now gainfully employed. She leaves for a week in California on Thursday to visit her cousin, Dan. Dan is considerably older than her (he's 41, she's 23) but they're still close. He is a marketing consultant who's done very, very well for himself. Her roommate, Ashley, is going with her. They should have a great time. There will be no digital pics for a while since she borrowed the digital camera to take with her. So unless I can scan it, you aren't going to see it.

I'm still working on the newborn baby set for charity. The sweater and booties are done except for the sewing of the seams. Now I need to start the hat.

The set would probably be completed if I didn't get distracted by a crocheted round ripple baby blanket. I've wanted to try the pattern for some time and finally did. It's quick to do and fun. I think it's done except for weaving in the ends. It should be a good preemie size. I would have made it bigger but I ran out of the purple yarn I was using for the main color. I'm going to try to scan part of it but I don't know how that will work out. And I'm going to send it out before I get the camera back so it won't get posted in its entirety. But I have yarn to make another one so that one should get posted.

I'm also still working on the blue baby blanket in the dishcloth pattern. I pick it up when I want something mindless to work on. I have started on the decrease side so I hope it's finished soon.

After being such a bad blogger this past week, I'm going to try and post every day. It won't be a long post but it will be something new. We'll see how far I get with that. Especially since we are going to be busy or out of town for a good portion of the summer. Ta for now!


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