Sunday, May 15, 2005

Yarn shops are evil!

Yesterday Sue and I decided to go to Cooperstown and visit Sybil's Yarn Shop. After only one wrong turn (and if you know Sue and I that's pretty darn good) and an hour and a half of driving, I found it again. We had a great time looking around and picking out yarn. Like either of us need any more yarn. But that's not the point. The point is we had fun. And I ate lunch in Cooperstown for the second week in a row. I normally go to Cooperstown once a year and this year I've been there 3 times already. And I realized that I can get to Sybil's much faster if I go through Cooperstown instead of through Cherry Valley.

I've posted pictures of my purchases. The Cascade 220 and the Ballybrae are both 100% wool that I'd like to make into felted bags. I've used the Cascade for felting before so I know what to expect from it. The Ballybrae I'll have to knit a swatch, then wash and felt it to see how it behaves. It still has the lanolin in it so I'm not sure what it will take to get it to felt. The Ballybrae colors are dark green with flecks and black with flecks. They should look good as bags. The Cascade 220 is a light sagey green. The Crystal Palace bamboo needles are a size 7 to make 2 needle mittens.

The Patons Colours are acrylic and I bought them to make charity items. I made one mitten using my favorite 2 needle mittens patterns from one of the Colours last night using the CP bamboo needles. I made the kids size 6. I started it before dinner and finished it after dinner. That's one reason I love that pattern, it's so quick. And I have it totally memorized. For all four sizes. But when I finished it, I wasn't as happy with the way it looked. I think it might be time to memorize a 4 needle mitten pattern. They will take me a little longer to make but they will look nice. And, no sewing! I will finish the second 2 needle mitten first. I loved using the CP needles, though.

I've joined yet another yahoo group. This one is the Felted Bag KAL. I'll post the button on my sidebar soon. That's why I bought the yarn to make some felted bags. I'd like to have some on hand to use for gifts. And I want one for myself.

And that's it for this Sunday evening. More knitting adventures later.


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