Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Icy weather

This is the craziest winter weather. First it's below zero, then it's almost 40 F. It snows, then it rains and freezes. I wish it would make up it's mind. Preferably to 60 and sunny! Not going to happen in central NY in the winter but I can dream.

Time to post a few more pictures. I have a couple close ups of the two scarves I've previously posted so I'll try those first. The next series of pictures are the felted bags I made for Kelcie, Corey, Allison and Rachelann for Christmas. I used a Plymouth Yarns pattern for these bags and intend to make more of them.

Tomorrow night the library is holding their first knitting circle. It was supposed to be last Thursday but we had sleet, freezing rain and snow so they cancelled until this week. And we got the freezing rain out of the way today. I'm looking forward to going to this group. Even though I have a nice knitting support group with Sue, Donna, and Carol, it will be nice to interact with other knitters.

Well, now I'm going to post this and see how the pictures turned out.


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