Friday, March 11, 2005

It's Friday...

And I'm tired. I finally got all the books done for the accountant last night. I'm glad that's done for another year.

I've been visiting other blogs and stealing buttons but I'm not going to add them here until tomorrow. Sorry to be so lazy.

I did add a quote to my footer the other day. I couldn't believe it when I searched the quote sites online and couldn't find one appropriate quote about knitting. The only quote that seemed remotely fitting was the one by Coco Chanel. I'm going to have to search around a little more. Any suggestions?

I'm getting a little more comfortable with HTML. I even added the quotation marks around the quote using HTML. I think I'm going to have to buy a more comprehensive book on it, though. I would like to have a button but haven't the faintest idea how to do it. I'll google and see what I find.

I'm abandoning the baby blanket for now. It would never be done in time for the shower. So (as I always seem to do) I started another project. This one is a baby hoodie from a free Bernat pattern. I started it around 4:30 p.m. today and have 5 inches done on the left and right fronts. I'm doing them together so they're the same length. I only worked on the sweater for a couple of hours since we went to friends' for dinner. Almost every Friday night we get together with two other couples and order take out. We switch houses each week. It makes for a nice end to the week.

The only picture I'm posting tonight is of my crazy little dog. She's a cutie but she's a real PITA, too.

I'm glad to see Blogger has their comment function fixed finally. Too bad I don't remember what blogs I was going to comment on. Eh, my comments probably weren't that profound anyway.

I think I'm going to start ending my entries with a random fact about myself. Kind of like "100 things about me" without having to think of everything all at once. Here's today's fact - I'm the oldest of 6 kids. I have 4 sisters and one brother.

Night t'all.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Kitt said...

May I ask...what kind of a button are you looking for???


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