Monday, March 14, 2005

It's Monday...

For most people, Monday means having to be back to work. For me, Monday means "oh, I have one more day before I have to be back to work." That's one of the advantages of working for your husband. He works Saturday and takes Monday off. I get both Saturday and Monday off. Works for me! The only problem is that when he's home, I'm expected to do stuff around the house. Which really is as it should be. Stuff needs to get done around the house, and left on my own, it doesn't. So today we spent the morning running around picking up stuff to work on the living room. And this afternoon, he worked on getting the new french doors ready to install and I washed the ceiling, primed over the stencilling, and cleaned the old brass hinges for the french doors. Sounds like I did more, doesn't it? Wrong! Getting those french doors ready to install and be painted/stained is a huge pain in the patootie! Installing the head and foot bolts and sanding it to fit. And measuring it and sanding it to fit again. Yuck! Of course, my big project for this room will be making the curtains. I'm not going to think about this yet.

On to knittier subjects. I have the back of the baby sweater done up to the bind off for the armholes. When I'm done updating here, I'll probably finish the back while watching the Pacific Life tennis tournament. And, hopefully, cast on for the fronts. It is possible that I will get it done for Saturday. I'd like to get a pair of booties done, too. But one thing at a time. Sweater first.

I'm posting pictures tonight. The first is the knit hat I did for Alek's friend, Kurt. It's the same hat pattern that I've posted two other pictures of but this time it's gray and black. I wonder if he got it yet? The second picture is of the red Germantown wool yarn and the Sweetheart hat from Knitting in the Round (House of White Birches) that I'm going to do for the Knit Red Knit Along 2005. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn but I'm going to do the child's size in the worsted weight yarn. It's for charity so it'll fit someone. The wool was given to me with some other yarn to be used for charity. I don't know how old it is but it's in nice shape.

I don't think I mentioned my yarn shopping trip on Saturday. Sue and I went up to A.C. Moore to take advantage of their "25% off all yarn" sale. I bought 14 skeins of Woolease. 7 in forest green heather and 7 in rose heather. I have a knit-from-the-top-down cardigan pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple that I want to make for myself and 7 skeins should be enough yarn. I just don't know which color yet. And the other color will get used for something. The best part is that the 14 skeins only cost me $22.96. That's $11.48 per sweater! I can deal with that. The only problem is that I have to finish Scott's sweater before I start anything for me. And his sweater is a whole other story which I'll relate another time. Suffice it to say, the back is done, the front is done to the neckline and I think the armholes cut in too much. I have to figure it out soon. Otherwise, I'll feel guilty if I start anything for me.

Okay, random fact time. Let's see, what do you not want to know tonight? Okay - I love Johnny Quest. Yep, the cartoon. Alek even bought me the first season of JohnnyQuest on dvd for Christmas this year. I was so excited! The kids bought me a Johnny Quest pin at an antiques and collectible store a few years ago, too. I can't help it. I love that cartoon. At least I don't watch Scooby Doo any more.


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