Sunday, March 13, 2005

Too many books!

Did I ever mention that along with being a yarnaholic, I'm a book junkie? I love books and I don't like getting rid of them. I do read books over and over if I like them. So I tend to have books all over the house. And not just knitting books - there are books on cooking, gardening, embroidery, beading, basketweaving, writing, general crafts, antiques, fantasy and sci fi, mystery and suspense, romance, old children's mystery books, classics, etc. I read a lot. Well, the amount of books that I have was impressed on me today when we cleaned out the living room. And I mean "cleaned out". We are redoing the living room and had to move everything out. The old furniture is in the garage waiting to go to the kids. The computer is in Alek's room and everything else is down in the basement. Including the two bookcases full of books. One bookcase is a 5 section, glass fronted, legal bookcase. The kind with the glass door that swing up. The other one has 4 - 39" shelves on it. I carried every book on these two bookcases down cellar. And they were both full. I am tired! I wish I had counted how many trips I made up and down those stairs. I'm just glad I didn't have to empty the two bookcases that are in my bedroom. too! Now all the work of painting walls and woodwork, refinishing the floor, and installing the new french doors begins. Oh, and making curtains, too. What are we doing for furniture, you ask? Luckily, last year we turned Ariane's room in the basement into a den. So we do have a couch and chair to use until the new furniture is delivered. The den is small so I prefer having my living room.

Alek made it to California in one piece. Of course, he never let me know that he got there. I finally sent him a text message this morning and he called me. His luggage didn't arrive with him but I guess they delivered it around 10:30 a.m. today. He was going to spend the day on the beach. Sounds good to me and I don't even like the beach that much.

I joined the Knit Red Knitalong 2005 yesterday. I have been trying to add the button to my template but Blogger is not cooperating right now. I'm just hoping this entry will post. Hopefully, I'll get it to work tomorrow. I have some pictures to upload from the digital camera, too. But I'm too tired to fool with that tonight.

For the rest of the evening (until I crash) I'm going to sit in the den with my hubby and knit the baby sweater that needs to be done by Friday. And since I have about 8 rows total done, I'd best get a move on.

Random fact of the day - I am a pro tennis fan. I don't play tennis but I love watching it. I watch all the major tournaments that are televised. Both kids played in high school so I learned the rules watching their matches and now I'm hooked! I would probably play if my knees weren't so wonky. But they are, so I don't.

Ta for now!


At 10:17 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Hey Sue! I will make you feel better about the amount of books you have. We are currently cataloging the library of books my fil acquired over his life, its about 20,000 books! That's just his books, my hubby & I have the same affliction that you have in not being able to part with books. We have our own mini-library forming of at least 2,000! Oh, did I mention we're moving in a few weeks? Wanna help? ;)



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