Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ya know...

there are days when I could just hang my husband by his thumbs! He is such a pain sometimes. In church Sunday there was an announcement that the Tuesday night dinner & service was having a group called Covenant Players perform some skits. The girl making the announcement asked if anyone could put up one or two of the actors. Now I know that we have a nice den that doubles as a guest room in the basement. And it has it's own bathroom so it's very convenient. But I also know that we are remodeling our living room so we are using the den in place of the living room. And I also know that we have never attended the Tuesday night dinner & service. So, what does Scott do but offer our den. WITHOUT ASKING ME! I know I should be more Christian about this but I am not outgoing like he is. I'm not comfortable with strangers in my house that I have to make conversation with and feed breakfast to. I hate cooking for people I don't know. Scott went to the dinner and service. I did not. He and our guest are not back yet. I'm sure it will be fine but I'm still not happy. I mean I've already had two pastor candidates to dinner in the past 3 months. (Scott is the head of the pastor search committee.) I am a reluctant hostess at best.

I started a garter stitch shawl from the knit list gift list for the Knit Red Knit Along. Only I'm not doing it in garter stitch. I like stockingette stitch better so I'm purling the non lace rows. I don't have enough done to take a picture, though. I don't even know what it's going to look like since there wasn't a picture available. I'm using some cranberry Woolease that I had stashed in the attic. It's an easy pattern so I think I'll actually finish it.

Random fact and blather - I am going to be 50 the end of June (it kills me to write this) and my hair is totally white. Not that anyone has seen my hair totally white. Not even me! But when my roots start to grow in they are white, not dark. My sister, Michelle, is 2 1/2 years younger than I am and her hair is totally white, too. But no one has ever seen more than her roots either. And our paternal grandmother has pure white hair at the age of 19. So I guess we were doomed! I have 3 other sisters but two are blonde and the other is a bleached blonde so we don't know how much white hair they have. Ariane is 23 and she's already finding gray hairs. And so did I at her age. Welcome to the family, kid!


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