Saturday, March 19, 2005

I tried...

I really tried to get the blue baby sweater done in time for the shower today. But it didn't happen. At 10:45 p.m. last night, I realized that I wasn't quite done with the sleeves, still had to make the hood and button bands, AND had to sew it all together. Not possible. I had been knitting on it since I got home from work with a break for dinner and I knew I wasn't capable of completing this sweater. With this decision came such a sense of relief! I could stop knitting this sweater. Ahhh...

I knew I had the baby helmet that I knit a couple weeks ago and I had enough yarn to make a pair of booties to match. So at 11 p.m., I started the first bootie. The Pacific Life Tennis Tournament was showing Andy Roddick playing Carlos Moya so I was set. When the match finished at 1 a.m. (with Roddick winning!), I had all but the last 5 rows of garter stitch at the top of the bootie done. And major cramps in my hands. This morning I got up around 7 a.m., finished the first bootie and made the second one. They were totally done by 10:30 a.m. Then I ran out to K-Mart, bought a cute little outfit and a security blanket, and had my shower gift. Phew!!

Now I can finish the sweater at my leisure. And I have cast on for my Knit Red Knit Along project. I am making the Sweetheart Hat from the Knitting in the Round book. I was going to used some Germantown wool that was given to me but decided this afternoon to use a skein of Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight in a nice red color. No where near as bright at the other wool but better for this hat, I think. I cast on, knit the first round, and realized I had twisted the stitches! I never twist the stitches when I knit in the round. (Well, almost never). Must be because I was watching the women's tennis championship match at the same time. As I said previously, I love watching tennis! So I ripped it out, cast on again and am starting the ribbing again.

Alek is flying home from California today. I'll be watching his flight progress across the country via the internet. What a wonderful concept the internet is!!

And that's all the news that was the news for today. Signing off until tomorrow...

RF - Ariane and I saw David Hyde Pierce (Nils from Frasier) in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass. several years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get an autograph. Rats!


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