Sunday, April 03, 2005

I hate being sick!

I feel like a truck hit me! Okay, I know it's only a head cold but I seldom get them so I'm miserable. But enough whining because I'm sure no one wants to hear about my stuffy head.

Donna, Diann and I went to Sybil's Yarn Shop in Cooperstown yesterday. Well, it's not in Cooperstown. It's quite a ways outside of the village but the address is still Cooperstown. Any way, at first we drove past it and had to turn around and go back to find it. It's on a state highway but it's still winding country roads. The shop is in a little building that kind of looks like it might have started as a prefab storage building with a couple room additions. When we pulled up, Donna said "This is it? It's so small. What are we going to find in there?!" Well, we went in and did we find yarn! There were 3 small rooms and a couple of closet spaces and they were all stuffed with yarn. Good yarn! She had just about every Cascade yarn you could want, lots of Patons, Plassard, Hayfield, and lots more. She had wool, acrylic, cotton, sock yarn, baby yarn, blends. I could go on and on. She also carried Crystal Palace bamboo needles. Plus tons of pattern books that I didn't even look at. Sybil is probably in her early 70's and I think she's been in business a long time. The place was little messy but the yarn neatly shelved for the most part.

One of the closets she used as her bargain bin and had just tossed the discounted skeins on the floor. All the skeins in there were $2.00. I picked up 3 bargain skeins of a claret colored yarn that I think is acrylic and wool. Most of the ones in there were but these didn't have ball bands. I also got a bargain skein of Brunswick Germantown pure wool in gray to use for Afghans for Afghans knitting. My other purchases were 3 balls of Hayfield Traditional DK pure superwash wool in a heather tweed (light purple), 2 hanks of Plassard Symphonie 100 % pure wool in a gold, red, brown blend, two balls of Cascade Yarns Bollicine 70% merino wool, 30% acrylic in a harvest colors varigated, a skein of red Patons Icelandic 100% bulky wool, and a skein of Patons Canadiana acrylic in the pampered pastels colorway that I looked all over for and was told was discontinued. She had 3 bags of it. Now I can make a hat and booties to match the baby sweater I made from the one skein I had.

In addition to having a great selection of yarn, her prices were below retail! My total purchase was around $68.00. for 13 skeins of yarn! That averages around $5.25 a skein!! I don't know if it's a good thing that the shop is so far away from me or not.

Donna found a skein of handpainted wool and a matching one of mohair that she bought for $4.00 each! She also found 10 skeins of a bulky wool in the bargain room and bought them to make a sweater. A wool sweater for $20.00 - not bad. She also bought several other yarns but I don't remember now what she got. Diann knits but is not as obsessed as Donna and I. She didn't buy anything. I should have her willpower.

I posted pictures of my purchases and I hope from my descriptions that you can tell which yarn is which. I'm eager to start something with all of it but I have to finish some of WIPs first. I might start something out of the red Icelandic, though, for the Knit Red Knit Along. I don't think I like the shawl I started so I'm frogging it. I think I'll make mittens out of it for Afghans for Afghans.

Time to blow my nose and take some cold medicine. Till next time.


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