Tuesday, May 03, 2005


The first FO is the living room. I'm posting a couple of pictures which were taken this weekend so more has actually been done but you get the general idea. The empty oak table now holds my computer again.

The other FO is the iPod case for Ariane. I found the pattern online at http://radio.weblogs.com/0129449/categories/Knitting/2003/12/30. I didn't change colors since I was using varigated yarn and I didn't follow the buttonhole directions exactly but it all works. The yarn is Plymouth Fantasy which is cotton. I don't have the iPod here so I took the picture with the camera's USB cable coming out the buttonhole.

I'm still trying to finish up UFO's. The next one to be completed is the zip-up-the back baby sweater. I have about 6 rows of the body, the bottom ribbing and the sleeves left to knit. Then I'll put the zipper in the back and it's done. I should probably pull out the socks I want to finish for Rachelann's birthday in July. It'll take me that long to finish them, I think. She wears a size 11 shoe!

That's it for today. I have to run an errand before work and I'm not even ready to go.


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