Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mom's Day!

I had a very nice Mother's Day weekend. Yesterday Ariane and her cousin, Megan, took my sister in law, Lisa, and I to Cooperstown for the day. They treated us to lunch and we wandered around the shops. A lot of the shops are baseball oriented, naturally, but there are some other cute places. I naturally bought books.

Today Ariane, Scott and I went to Utica and shopped at Pier One for things for the living room. We got a nice centerpiece and candles for the coffee table. Then we went out to dinner. After dinner, Ariane headed back to Rochester and we came home. Alek called me before we left to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and to tell me my card would arrive tomorrow. Since it's the first time he's remembered to send me a card since he went away to college, I don't care if it's late. Actually, we're going to get him on Thursday since he'll be done with school for the year. So I'll see him soon.

I've done quite a bit of knitting on my Wool Peddler's shawl this weekend. I'm up to row 80 of the first 111 rows. I also got another 10 row repeat done on the Branching Out scarf. I didn't get the buttons on the charity sweaters, though. I'm posting a pic of the WPS shawl but I took the picture before I got to row 80. And a pic of my new centerpiece with the candles. Then I'm going to chill for the rest of the evening.


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