Tuesday, March 29, 2005

UFO land

I have so many UFO's right now, it's not funny. I really need to buckle down and finish some of these projects. So, what do I work on yesterday? Dishcloths and a new pair of socks!

My mother gave me some dishcloth cotton and the simple garter stitch pattern because she isn't knitting any more. Her hands just can't take it. I have crocheted dishcloths before but I never tried the garter stitch pattern. So yesterday morning, I sit down and cast on. I can't believe how fast it goes. I was crocheting them thinking that would be faster. It might be a little faster but the dishcloths come out bulkier. I think I've found my new mindless, walking-on-the-treadmill knitting. I finished one yesterday using scraps. Half of it is light blue and the other half is peach. Looks cool. I started another on in purple/blue varigated cotton. Today I got out my folder of dishcloth patterns that I've downloaded and pulled out a few different ones to try. I'd like to have a bunch on hand for quick gifts.

The socks I started are using the Regia 6 Jaquard that I bought in Oswego on Friday. I didn't take a picture of them yet. I have the cuff and 1 1/4 inches of the leg done on the first one. I'm not pushing to finish these any time soon. I just wanted to see how the yarn pattern works up.

I got my Yarn Yoga yarn swap package from Jess yesterday. I love what she sent me. And I think she went a little over the $10 limit! She sent me 2 pairs of 16" circular bamboo needles - sizes 8 & 11. I use these sizes a lot so they will come in very handy. And she sent me a skein of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale cotton yarn. Don't you just love the colors! I'm not sure what I'm going to make out of it yet but I'll be looking for patterns. Thanks, Jess!

I am adding a button for the Yarn Yoga group. Melanie made the button and it's really nice. If you don't see it today, you will see it soon.

I haven't worked on my Knit Red KAL shawl in several days. I'll have to get back to it soon. Every spare minute has been spent working on the living room. I painted all the window frames. One window I have painted 4 times! It's takes 3 coats to cover the dark green paint that's on the woodwork and then we changed the trim color so I painted it again. The original paint color we picked out was too yellow for my taste. We changed it to a white with beige undertones. So it's not really white but not really beige either. Whatever it is, I like it much better.

Okay, I'm supposed to be on the treadmill right now and I'm sitting here typing instead. I hope everyone had a very nice Easter. We did.

RF - My favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


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