Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New books means more WIPs

My dear son, Alek, gave me a gift certificate to for Christmas. I told him that I like gift certificates and that his father won't give them. He came through beautifully. Here are the three knitting books that I bought with my certificate.

The full titles are "Homespun - Handknit" edited by Linda Ligon, "Hats On!" by Charlene Schurch, and "Knitting Marvelous Mittens" by Charlene Schurch. I love these books and have already cast on projects from two of them. The first project I cast on is this mitten. I got a new baby blue jacket for Christmas and don't have any mittens or gloves to match. Good thing I have gloves that don't match because these mittens are not going to be done too quickly. Size 2 double points and sport weight yarn mean slow knitting for me. Not to mention the concentration these mittens are going to take.

I know I probably should have made the darker blue the main color but the coat is the color of the lighter blue and the dark blue is the trim color. So that's the way the mittens are going to be.

The second project I cast on is from the Homespun-Handknit book. It's a bulky hat done in garter stitch on circulars. Very easy, very quick. I'm using Solo by Bernat in a pink/white combo. It's acrylic yarn but I'm making it for charity so it's better that way. It's gray, gloomy and raining here today so I can't take a picture. Well, I could, but it wouldn't show up very well.

I finished another hat for charity yesterday morning. It's a simple rolled brim hat made from Plymouth Encore Colours. I should have taken a picture when I finished it since the sun was shining brightly yesterday. I'll take one before I send it out.

I joined the Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl KAL last week. I ordered the Peruvian Uros Aran yarn specified in the pattern from and received it yesterday. It's a soft silver sage which sounds green but looks more blue. I have cast on about 4 times for the shawl but I'm having a couple problems with the instructions. I think I may have it figured out now and will try it once again. I'm glad I joined the KAL because I'd be a little lost otherwise.

And that's my boring bit of knitting news for now. I'm off to try starting the shawl one more time!


At 11:07 AM, Blogger Alison said...

Lovely mittens. I like the lighter blue as the main color.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Indigo said...

I have that hat book. But I find a tweak the patterns often to get them to fit.

I love the mitten, that may be my next obsession. LOL Have to find some mitten books.


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