Friday, August 12, 2005

A camping we will go...

We're taking off again tomorrow for a week's camping trip to Wellesley Island, NY. Wellesley Island is a state campground in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River between New York and Canada. It's the only state park that I know of that has full hook up sites. I'm sure there must be others but I don't know about them.

The closest town is Alexandria Bay which will be hopping with Pirate Days. I don't know how we manage to go during Pirate Days. Alek will be happy if he comes up because a friend of his usually plays in the pirate reenactments. The boys do like to do battle with swords. Men with Sticks using real weapons! Men with Sticks was a game that Alek and his friends would play at our house. It's basically Capture the Flag in the dark played using swords, axes, daggers, etc. made from sticks and such covered in pipe insulation and duct tape. Many a battle was waged in our yard. Good thing it's a large yard.

How did I get sidetracked onto Men with Sticks? Time for some yarn talk!

The lovely yarn in these pics was sent to me by Dan when I correctly answered his question in the Yarn Yoga group. It's 270 yards of DANspun lace weight merino/angora yarn and it's soooo soft.

I have to find the right lace scarf pattern for it. I'm half tempted to start another Branching Out Scarf using this yarn. Of course, I should finish the first one. If anyone has any other suggestions for a lace scarf, I'd love to hear them.

A friend asked me once if I was taking pictures of my projects in my sink when she saw the round cut-out in one of them. Nope. I use the glass topped table on my patio. The round hole is where you would put the umbrella. Just in case anyone else was wondering.

I mailed out three baby sweaters to For The Love of Babies charity group yesterday. Pictures of two of them can be found in my yahoo photos. I hope to upload a picture of the third one soon. I sent the one with just the booties and the deep blue one but not the hat.

I did get my little Lake Placid RAOK's sent out on Wednesday. I hope everyone receives them.

And with that last note, I think I'm done. I still have food and clothes to pack in the trailer and a little cleaning to do in there. I doubt I'll post before we leave tomorrow so everyone have a good week and I'll be back next Sunday.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Thank you Sue for the lovely Lake Placid RAOK! I received mine today and it helped to lift my spirits. Your kind words meant a lot and I appreciate your prayers!


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