Saturday, August 06, 2005

Knitting nowhere

I feel like my knitting is going nowhere lately. I work on things but I'm not finishing anything. I have a Precious Layettes baby sweater almost done but not quite. I have been working on the lifesaver blanket but it's not even halfway done (and it's crocheted). I made a pair of booties while in Lake Placid but they aren't sewn up yet. I started a hat to go with the booties but I'm just past the cuff and have the rest of the hat to do. I need to finish some things! And I'm not posting pictures until they are finished because I don't want to jinx them.

I think I'm going to give the lifesaver blanket to our new minister's wife as a baby shower gift. The baby shower is next Sunday but we won't be here. So I'm not sure if I want to finish it before then or take my time and give it to her when we get back from Wellesley Island. I'd like to knit something for the baby, too. Maybe one of the little helmets like I made for Carol's grandson. And booties to match.

I printed out some Fair Isle patterns from the internet and I'd like to start on one of those. I found a sampler purse on the Philosopher's Wool site. I think I'd like to get the yarn to try it. Maybe Sue and I will hit a couple LYS today and I can get it. One LYS has Lopi Lite and the other has Dalegarn so I have a nice choice in wool.

Since I'm not going to post any pictures of unfinished knitting projects, I'll leave you with a shot of Lake Placid. This is a shot of the Adirondack Mountains taken from the base of the ski jumps. We had to take a ski lift up to the jumps. I waited at the base of the jumps while everyone else went up to the top of the 120 meter jump in an elevator. I don't do up although I can do the ski lift.


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