Monday, February 12, 2007


There are times when I wish I didn't have such a large stash of yarn and needles. Don't get me wrong, I love all the yarns I have. But when I see a new yarn or a great color in a favorite yarn, I feel guilty buying it. And I love buying yarn, so I hate the guilt!

I spent a good part of the day wading through the pile in my front closet. That's where I keep all my knitting magazines, knitting bags, newly purchased yarn, and projects I am currently working on. Or should I say, projects I started, worked on until I got bored, and then abandoned for the next fun thing to come my way. I now have an XXL Ziploc bag of yarns that need to be hauled down cellar and put in the appropriate Rubbermaid totes. There are also a few projects that need to be frogged so I can use the yarn for something else. The small zippered bag is my stash of Lamb's Pride Worsted.

Some day I'll take a photograph of the pile of totes and plastic drawer sets under the cellar stairs that house my stash. Maybe. If I'm feeling brave.

I finished the Calorimetry that I was making in the Plassard "Symphony" to match my multidirectional scarf. I'm not very happy since this one is too loose, also. I'm giving up on this pattern. Hopefully I can find someone who will like the colors and the way it fits. It's too bad since it looks nice with the scarf.

I haven't given up on making a headband of some sort so I started making a Panta. I don't know the link that will take you directly to the pattern. It seems to me that I googled it and had to search around a bit to get the pattern that I finally printed out.

I'm making the first one in Lion Brand WoolEase in white. It's for Ariane's friend, Ashley. I was going to make her a Calorimetry but for the above named reason, I'm doing the Panta. I just started the decrease rows so it's over half done. Ariane would like one in black and I am going to make myself one in the Plassard. The next one I do, I think I'll use a provisional cast on so I can graft the ends together.

The needles I'm using are my only set of Bryspuns. When we were camping in Lake Placid in September, I stopped in Adirondack Yarns to buy a set of size 5 needles. The only ones she had were these Bryspuns. I needed them for a pair of two needle mittens I was making. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn used double on size 5's. It made too tight a fabric for the flexible Bryspuns so I put them aside and haven't used them since. Actually, I put the pattern aside, too. I can't work with that tight a fabric. I decided to try the needles for the Panta with the single strand of WoolEase and I love them. I like how pointy they are and the flex makes them easy on the hands.

Now for the latest weather report from upstate New York - the low temperature for tonight will be -10 degrees F. And a nor'easter is moving up the coast and is going to hit us late Tuesday night and into Wednesday. I just love February.

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger Denise said...

I made my Panta's shorter than the original pattern so they would fit better. Sometimes I think I just left off the last section. I finished with an almost 3-needle bind off. I say almost because I didn't use a needle for the cast on stitches but I did put them together with the final row of stitches. I just put my needle into a stitch on the needle and then through a stitch from the cast on and knit the two together. It makes a nice looking, fairly flat seam.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Windyridge said...

Did you even think about bringing your stash over to a fellow knitters and swapping? You might get inspired with a whole new stash!

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Windyridge said...

That was supposed to be "ever" not "even". I ama terriple hint and peck typist.


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