Friday, August 28, 2009

Preemie hats are done.

I finished 5 preemie hats for Marykatherine's first birthday. Three are knit and two are crocheted. I used a variety of pattern and yarn to make them. They will be delivered today along with a store-bought set of onesies. I hope the hospital can use them.

Now I'm back to knitting mittens. The purple ones I mentioned in the last post have been set aside temporarily. The yarn is acrylic and after rereading Ann's blog, I realize that wool or wool blends are preferable. So I started a pair in Patons Classic Wool. The first mitten is done and I just started the thumb gusset on the second one. I'll post a picture when they're done. The purple mittens will be finished and I'll send all the acrylic pairs with the wool ones. I'm sure they will all be used.


At 2:58 AM, Blogger Sinclair said...

Those are great! I am almost finished with my hat for the Oregon Veterans project on Sharing Our Gifts. I haven't graduated to mittens yet.


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