Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tree trimming party!

No, I'm not starting my Christmas decorating a month early. Here is a picture of the tree that got trimmed at my house on Sunday.

If you live anywhere on the east side of the United States, you had very high winds this past weekend. Very high, damaging winds! This tree is laying across what is left of the left side of our pool fence. Actually I should say this half of a tree.

Our friend Kevin is standing on the right side of the pool helping Scott cut up the mess. The tree did do slight damage to this side, too.

It also put a gash in the winter cover so that also needs to be replaced. We're lucky that it was the only tree on our property to come down in the wind.

This is a shrug I made for Ariane. You can find the pattern here. It's a fun, easy knit.

I used Paton Brilliant yarn doubled and adjusted the numbers to get the right gauge. Ariane says it fits just the way she wants. It looked small to us but it's very stretchy. Weaving in the ends of the Brilliant was a little tricky since the shrug is reversible. I wove it down the sides of the ribbing. I also used a needle and thread to anchor the ends. I was afraid that it would pull apart otherwise. It seemed to work okay.

When I first started it, I took it to my knitting group and two of the ladies had to make one for their granddaughters. They came out really cute. Now I'm supposed to make Ariane one out of Jo Sharp Silkroad. My LYS has it on clearance so the cost wasn't bad. I haven't cast on for it yet. I need to make a swatch because I'm going to have to adjust the numbers for this yarn, too. If she's lucky, she might get it before Christmas!


At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Christine said...

Sorry about the tree. What a mess!

The shrug is so cute. It looks pretty warm too... I should make one for me... I get so cold sometimes during massage... and with short sleeves like those, I wouldnt have to worry about them getting in my way.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger KnitNana said...

Glad no one was hurt!


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