Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pretty in pink

My knitting seems to be concentrating on pink lately. No special reason. That just seems to be the color of yarn I picked out.

Here we have a third Little Flap Cap by Lynda Gemmell (Cabin Fever Designs).

Plymouth Encore Colorspun self-striping in #7517
US 8 (5.0 mm) needles

I love this yarn and have to see where I can buy it online. The hat took about 1/2 a skein so I've started a Toddler's Knitted Helmet with what's left. You should see a picture of it in the next post.

On the ride to Scott's pre-op screening a couple of weeks ago, I started another Waffle Knit dishcloth. I got half of it knit during his appointments that day but then mostly abandoned it. I worked on it a little while visiting him in the hospital but I didn't finish it until this past Monday. Oh, look, it's pink!

Lily Sugar' n Cream Rose Twist
US 10 (6.0 mm) needles

Size 10 needles are a bit larger than I usually use for dishcloths but they were what I had in my bag that day.

And finally I have a couple of pictures of my granddog, Lucy. (Click on pics for close-ups.) Ariane's boyfriend, Mike, brought her with him when he came Thanksgiving Day and left her when he went home on Friday. Ariane was here from Tuesday until Sunday to help out with her father.

Lucy is a French Bulldog and a little monster. She loves everyone and thinks that everything is for her. Which means she's always into something. Scott loved having her here because she would cuddle up next to him on the couch. Our dog, Isabella, hates Lucy. Lucy would like nothing better than to play with Izzy but Izzy is too neurotic to play with another dog. So we had a few disagreements. It did make for a rather chaotic weekend.

Lucy is wearing a cone because she has allergies and keeps chewing on her feet. And guess what? Her cone is pink!!

Scott continues to feel better each day. Thanks for all the prayers!