Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hey, it's a post!

I mentioned in my previous post that last week we were in Bar Harbor, Maine. The next two pictures are of Gorham Mountain in Acadia National Park. We climbed to the top of this mountain. If you know anything about me, it's that I usually don't do "up" and I am pretty much against physical exertion. I really don't like to sweat. But I did do "up" with no problem and I sweated a lot! The first picture indicates what most of the climb consisted of - rocks! And this is a fairly level stretch. The second picture is Scott coming down the trail behind me. He insists on following me. I think he's afraid he'll turn around and I won't be there. Or I'll be flat on my face. I am a major klutz, after all.
But I made it up the mountain and down again with no problems.

I will be posting more about Bar Harbor later. I'm waiting for some other pictures to be downloaded.

These next two pictures are of a counted cross stitch bookmark I did for an exchange in July. The pattern is from Prairie Schooler. It's part of an autumn sampler. I thought it came out nice except when I had it half stitched, the lace started pulling away from the aida cloth. I finished stitching it and used fabric glue to secure the lace to the fabric. The first picture is of the back of the bookmark because I thought the stitching turned out very neatly. I never got a thank you from the girl I sent it to. I hope it didn't pull apart when she opened it.

And now I have to go start the grill so I can cook the veggies I have marinating - eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, onions, and yellow squash. With lots of garlic. Yum!!

See ya!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mini update

This is just a quick post to show I haven't disappeared completely. I hope to post a proper entry soon.

Last week at this time I was in Bar Harbor, Maine. It was a great trip and I will post more later. I did manage to hit two yarn shops out there and bought some nice yarn. My only problem lately is that Scott finally realized how much yarn I have and he gets all pissy when I buy more. So I'm going to have to go on a yarn diet and see if I can reduce some of my stash. I have several charities that I want to knit for so that should help out somewhat.

But speaking of buying more yarn, my local A.C. Moore craft store is advertising new yarns. Moda Dea has several new ones including a washable wool. Red Heart has one called McIntosh that looks tweedy and Caron has one called Tweed. Tweed must be the way to go this fall. I'm not going to start my yarn diet until after Saturday when I head to A.C. Moore to check out all this new yarn.

That's it for today. I have to get some pictures taken of the yarn I bought in Maine and download a bunch that are on the camera. I'll be back!!