Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bits and pieces

Here are a few things I've knit over the winter.

Actually some of these mittens have been in my finished basket for quite a while. I finally sent them out to a charity that sends things to orphans in Eastern Europe and Romania. They are all made from 100% wool.

This is a pair of socks that I made for my best friend. While we were at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio consulting with the cardiology department, Sue took care of our dog for the week. I think that is worthy of hand knit socks. I used Fat Cat Knits yarn again but in a different colorway.

And finally here is a pair of boys' socks destined for charity. I used Wisdom Yarns "Fair Isle" which is also 100% wool. The pink mittens in the first picture are also made from WY "Fair Isle". It's a nice yarn to use for socks and mittens.

The weather is finally improving. The temps are supposed to reach the upper 60's or low 70's by this weekend. I hope they do!